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Kevin Glass Jeff Dieringer
LPL Registered Principal, LPL Financial Advisor
LPL Financial Advisor  




Our focus is to provide quality investment services and tax strategies to promote financial health in our client's lives.



Putting your wealth to work for you…

Our purpose is to deliver exceptional financial guidance and personalized service to help through a financial strategy designed with the goal of building and preserving wealth, passing on a lasting heritage to loved ones or meaningful charities, empowering you to pursue your life’s asperations.


Our firm is uniquely positioned to work with to your financial needs. As your trusted financial advocate, we provide unbiased investment guidance and financial planning to help you manage your wealth over your lifetime and beyond.


By reviewing your estate and defining your goals for your future, our comprehensive approach provides guidance and direction with your estate planning attorney.


We help you accomplish your goals by offering you expertise in the following: 


  • Net Worth Statement
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Business Exit Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Trust Services


In concert with our experienced staff, we can engage a network trusted professionals—such as accounting, legal, real estate and insurance professionals—to support all facets of your wealth management needs. We can also partner with existing experts who you have come to know and trust.